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Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Everything you need to know about silver jewelry


Gold is gorgeous, but silver is stunning! It's an affordable and creative way of adding some extra sparkle to your jewelry wardrobe.

We carry a gorgeous collection of sterling silver jewelry with many styles ranging from flamboyant to minimalist, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. Why not treat yourself to one of our silver pieces - you'll be glad you did!

But what is sterling silver and what does s925 mean? What’s the deal with rhodium plated silver and what is rhodium anyway?

If you’re starting to feel a bit confused by all this, don’t worry - we’re here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about wearing and caring for silver jewelry.

What is Sterling Silver?

Silver is a soft precious metal that is easy to shape and polish. Fine silver is what we call the metal in its purest form but although it’s beautiful, fine silver is too soft for most uses.

So to make it easier to work with, jewelers blend fine silver with copper to give it more strength and durability. This is called sterling silver and the mix is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which is why sterling silver is hallmarked with 925. In fact, you might also see it referred to as s925 or 925 silver.

Why does silver tarnish?

You may have noticed that your silver jewelry becomes dark and discolored over time. That’s because although fine (or pure) silver doesn’t usually tarnish, sterling silver tarnishes because it has copper mixed into it. And copper just loves to interact with the air, humidity and the different chemicals around it.

But don’t panic if your silver jewelry starts to look tarnished. The fantastic news is that it’s easily cleaned off, and the silver underneath isn’t damaged at all by the tarnishing. You can easily remove tarnishing with silver polish and a soft cloth.

How to care for silver jewelry

All of the usual advice about caring for gold jewelry applies to silver jewelry as well. It’s best to apply perfume, make up or hairspray before you put your silver jewelry on, as they can damage the metal. And to avoid damaging your jewelry, try to remember to remove it before swimming, bathing, playing sports or cleaning your house.

Because silver is softer than gold, you’ll find that it can easily get scratched or dented. So wrapping each piece of silver jewelry in a separate soft cloth gives a little extra protection in your jewelry box.

Sterling silver cleaner can be used to remove tarnish from your jewelry and keep it looking bright and clean for years to come.

What is Rhodium plated silver?

Another type of silver jewelry is rhodium plated sterling silver, which is basically sterling silver plated with a thin layer of rhodium

Rhodium is another precious metal that is more expensive than gold or even platinum. It doesn’t tarnish easily and is harder than silver, so with good care your jewelry will stay looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

However, it has a whiter color than fine silver and won’t have the same warm, vintage look that an older piece of silver jewelry will have. And over time the rhodium plating will wear off, although it won’t be as obvious as with gold plated jewelry. So you may need to send your jewelry off for replating after around 10 years,

Why choose silver jewelry?

You already know that the beautiful tone of silver jewelry looks great against your skin. And in our store you’re sure to find plenty of gorgeous pieces to suit your style, from elegant vintage style jewelry to more minimalist, modern pieces.

It’s an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin because the metals used are unlikely to irritate your skin. And it’s more affordable than other precious metals like gold or platinum, so you can treat yourself to plenty of gorgeous items to complement your wardrobe.

We can't sing enough praise for the mighty silver, hence our extensive silver collection. Where do we begin when we confess our love for the sterling silver? The fact that it's suitable for sensitive skin or the fact you can keep them forever, with a proper care, or the fact they are so affordable.

You decide on your reasons why you love silver jewelry, and we got all the cool styles we can think of in our shop.


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