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All About Herringbone Chain Necklaces

History of herringbone chain and how to wear them


Sophisticated design and flat texture are the main features that adorn the Herringbone chain. This timeless necklace that can be paired with many different outfits dates back to Ancient Egypt, however even though this style of the chain was created a while back, it makes everyone fall in love with it because of its incredible structure and striking appeal.

Herringbone chain looks amazing thanks to the slanted chain links that are placed parallel to each other. The exceptional charm of herringbone chains lays within their ability to lie flat. Pairing herringbone chain with other jewelry pieces creates an outstanding look that has a classic statement with a modern twist. The distinguished chain got its now very famous name from a fish that has numerous slanted bones. These chains are a great addition to every outfit as their astonishing texture adds to the dimension and depth of the look. Throughout the ages, herringbone chains were linked with elegance and it is a timeless piece that elevates looks and gives them a put-together and elegant look.

What is truly magical about herringbone chain is that it enhances the beauty of your skin and compliments your skin tone. The flexibility and flat surface of the chain creates a dramatic shine that is unmatched with any other styles of chain. Hence our love story with herringbone chain. It also shines brightly in the sun creating intricate patterns and attracting the attention to your neck and décolletage.

At Aunia we make sure that our herringbone chains are supreme quality which is why they are always a stellar choice. Whether you prefer gold or silver finish, you can find your dream chain as we offer both sterling silver and gold vermeil. The elegant and timeless look of herringbone chain can be yours for a very affordable price, too. Here are some of our favorite ways of styling this majestic chain, that is herringbone.

Wear It Alone for an Elegant Look

With its powerful ability to instantly transform any outfit into an elegant and sophisticated look, herringbone chain stayed popular through the ages. It looks brilliant when worn alone as its unparalleled beauty will be able to shine through. You can pair it with silky dresses and blouses, that will add to its brilliance. As the herringbone chain is a classic piece, you can elevate your work outfits into more stylish and fabulous versions as well. This herringbone chain is a great place to start if you are unsure of which one to pick.

Use It as an Ultimate Pairing Piece

One of the biggest trends sweeping the fashion world is the layered look, whether it be necklaces, rings, or bracelets. If you are wanting to rock the layering chain necklace look, herringbone chain necklace is definitely your best friend. Because of its elegant, silky, and flat design, the chain pairs well with all other types of necklaces. Layered look gives texture and versatility to the outfit. To make the most out of your outfits and get them to be as stylish and as radiant as possible, you should layer necklaces and chains of different finishes, textures, and lengths.

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