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Gold Snake Necklace
Gold Snake Necklace
Gold Snake Necklace
Gold Snake Necklace

Gold Snake Necklace

With a slithering curved serpent charm hanging from a delicate 14k gold fill chain, "Snake Charmer" necklace is a delicate and elegant addition to any layered necklace look. One of our Best Seller gift necklace for her, gold coiled snake pendant necklace.

Inspired by the spirit of renewal, vibrant shimmer snake pendant brings just enough drama to this necklace. Elegant and minimalist in design, maximum in symbolism and energy. Elevate your feminine and creative vibe with this statement 14k gold filled layering necklace.

✨Versatile✨: You can style this coiled snake pendant necklace with your favorite necklaces to create a sizzling layered look

🌈Unique🌈: Eye catching gold serpent pendant creates a vibrant pop of color and movement

Meaningful birthday gift for yourself to represent rebirth and fertility. Equally dazzling gift necklace for your best friend, your girlfriend, and sisters! Nothing says, "I love you and I wish you a renewal energy" like this magical gold snake necklace.

Snake is known for its feminine healing energy and symbolizes creativity. Celebrate your special bond with your creative and feminine energy with our coiled snake necklace. Be your very own snake charmer, and charm your energy to the max.

Significance of snake symbolism: Serpents and snakes have long been associated with fertility or a creative life force. Snakes are symbols of regeneration, growth, immortality, and healing because they shed their skin by sloughing.

Why select this gold Snake necklace as a gift?

• Snake represents female empowerment and fertility

• A meaningful way to celebrate the women you adore in your life

• You can say “Rebirth and renewal” with this meaningful gift

• Snake is often referred to as the symbol of creativity, rebirth and sexuality… the perfect talisman for bringing in a renewal and feminine energy to one's life. Gift the gift of rebirth and love!

Your spirit animal possesses characteristics that can assist you in navigating life with greater courage and comfort. The snake is a symbol of protection and healing. So, we are certain that this stunning gold coiled snake necklace will become one of your favorite jewelry all the while making a subtle statement of personal symbol every time you wear it.

Gold Snake Choker Chain: 14 Karat Gold Fill

Gold Serpent/ Coiled Snake Pendant: 14 Karat Gold Fill

Snake Charm Size: 22mm x 15mm