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Circle Necklace In Hammered Texture
Circle Necklace In Hammered Texture
Circle Necklace In Hammered Texture
Circle Necklace In Hammered Texture

Circle Necklace In Hammered Texture

Minimalist circle necklace with a hammered texture made with 925 vermeil gold. Equally dainty and statement, a beautiful everyday necklace. Perfect high-quality jewelry gift for sister, daughter, and moms. The hammered circle represents the circle of life and known as the Good Karma necklace. This minimalist gold necklace is made for layering yet makes a perfect statement when worn solo. Elegant necklace for all occasions and perfect for pairing with dainty minimalist earrings. Comes with an 1.5" extension chain, making it ideal for layering with other dainty necklaces or adjust to your liking.

Dainty gift for a lady who loves minimalist jewelry with a unique twist. Minimalist, yet striking — this gold necklace is the perfect way to add some subtle but eye-catching style to your everyday wardrobe. The hammered texture of the circle brings a bright sparkle, the perfect understated elegance to any outfit. Layer the small and large circles together for an elegant and unique look. Ideal for an everyday and office wear, perfectly sparkly for Zoom meetings as well. This necklace brings a charming elegance without overpowering any outfit or style. Beautifully supportive necklace for an everyday wear.

The gold plating of the vermeil material is so sturdy and will last a long time, won't tarnish easily. Crafted from high-quality materials of genuine 925 silver and 14k gold, this stunning necklace features a beautifully hammered circular pendant that shimmers and shines in the light. The unique texture and detail of the hammered metal create a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to turn heads.

Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, there’s room for everyone with these textured circle necklaces. Wear them as a matching necklace with your daughter, sister, best friend to symbolize your infinite bond. Perfect to gift the small circle to your daughter, your little sister, and gift the large circle for your mom, or older sister. Meaningful way to wear a matching jewelry.

Large Circle: This large circle gold necklace is simple yet eye-catching and you can wear it everyday as a casual necklace, going to the office or out on a date with your significant other. You'll love how lightweight it is and easy to adjust the length to match your outfit vibe.

Small Circle: The large circle necklace is just too much? Then, the mini circle is your jewelry of choice if you subdued elegance is what you are going for. The mini necklace is much more elegant and subtle yet it catches and reflects light so beautifully like the larger version. Teeny tiny hammered texture circle adds the finishing touch to any outfit without overpowering.

Versatile: Elegant yet equally unique with the hammered texture
Perfect For Layering: Layer it with dainty pearl choker necklace or a small stud earrings for an elegant everyday look
High Quality: Thick vermeil coating makes this necklace ideal for an everyday wear

The good karma symbolism of the circle is that it is never ending, meaning it is eternal. Wear this necklace to bring you good karma and positive vibe eternally. May you wear this necklace and always feel protected by the positive circle and be reminded that you are full of good karma and blessings.

Chain: Vermeil
Pendant: Vermeil
Diameter Small Circle: 8.5mm
Diameter Large Circle: 25mm